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Intricate Book Art Carvings by Brian Dettmer

on Flickr

Born in Chicago but currently living and working out of Atlanta, Georgia, contemporary artist Brian Dettmer creates incredible works of art with old books and tremendous patience. Using knives, tweezers and surgical tools, Brian meticulously exposes various layers to create his mind-blowing artwork. Dettmer has received critical acclaim around the world and his work can be found in countless galleries and publications. Below you will find a small sample of his art along with an artist bio and statement from Dettmer. Be sure to visit Brian’s official site: for more information and photographs of his fantastic art.

Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

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MAD Magazine recreates Norman Rockwell’s famous 1958 painting ‘The Runaway’

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aliens don’t wanna hang out with us because we’re embarrassing and also still capitalist

Yeah sure, like the aliens who are going to invent intergalatic travel won’t be full on capitalists.

that’s exactly what i’m saying, correct

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"Agree to disagree" is white guy speak for "I understand you have an opinion but unfortunately, me."

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A low income person can get a hold of iPhones, Jordans, they can travel (especially if they’re first generation American)

What a low income person can’t do is purchase a house, pay for college without assistance, pay serious medical bills…build wealth… like the major stuff that actually improves quality of life.

So when you ask the poor person why they have a cell phone know that you’re saying more about your ignorance about class inequality and how it functions than you are indicting their character.

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people who say ”romantic love is what makes you human!!!!” are actually right. aromantic people are, in fact, gods in disguise, traveling in the human world to observe and study the humans and their weakpoints, in order to eventually eliminate them all and take over their world

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TSA: are u carrying any firearms or explosives?

Me: *points to crotch* u mean this bomb pussy?

TSA: why do u always do this?

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