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I think about this a lot. This is so important. Andrea Gibson is so important.


I think about this a lot. This is so important. Andrea Gibson is so important.

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"People seem to think embracing life means to jump off cliffs and kiss strangers. Maybe it’s just slowly learning to love yourself." —- (via taurielsilvan)

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"Why do women consent to their own exploitation?” she ponders. It is worth taking a moment to consider a few possibilities for this troubling phenomenon. Well, despite its many merits, witchcraft has an uninspiring track record of generating sustainable income for women across the centuries. Direct flights to Pyongyang are few and far between, and housing is a nightmare to secure upon arrival. There is exciting thought leadership leading in the direction of all-female misandrist death cults, but for now, they are still remain in the online-planning stages. And so it is without other options that women submit quietly to life under capitalism, and by extension, to their own exploitation. Mears, it seems, has not considered this possibility. She posits instead that “Flattered egos, of course, play a role." —- You Can Find Capitalism in Da Club - The Baffler

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does anybody know that feel when that you’re so used to ripping on neoliberalism and libertarianism and shit that ripping on boring old mainline republicans is starting to feel, like, quaint

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New York City | by: [SamAlive]

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all these kids on my dash bloggin about the PSATs


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schools are inaccessible people need to realise this, here’s a small list of ways that schools actively exclude disabled people

  • many schools do not have lifts or ramps and so completely exclude wheelchair users and other mobility impaired individuals
  • also you often are expected to travel round a campus which can be difficult and painful for mobility impaired individuals who don’t use wheelchairs
  • schools expect students to be able to be around large groups of people and participate in group tasks which can be incredibly difficult and even damaging to autistic, avoidant and anxious people as well as others
  • you are expected to be able to spend hours at a time focussing on what they want you to focus on which can be incredibly difficult for autistic folks and folks with ADHD and brain fog
  • you are expected to be able to get out of bed and be awake for hours at a time which is incredibly difficult for people with cfs and other chronic illnesses
  • there are often no break or sensory rooms for when people are having meltdowns and instead they are often forced to use the multi-faith room as it is the only quiet room, which can infringe on religious people who need it such as Muslim students needing to pray
  • you are berated for taking time off school which is especially detrimental to ill people who have to attend multiple hospital appointments during weekdays

feel free to add more if you;re disabled

Many forms of neurodivergence require a specifically tailored education approach, which is rarely if ever catered to or acknowledged.

  • offer no assistance in navigating bureaucratic institutions
  • allowing classes to require participation points, and not offering an alternative (bad for autistic people,  naturally, but I’d bet it’s also bad for physically disabled people who need time off for appointments and just generally having a bad pain day n’ stuff)
  • many anxiety-reducing activities aren’t considered “good classroom behavior” and are not allowed (doodling, having one earbud in for quiet music, stims like rocking for flapping, etc.)
  • related to my first point, setting up an alternate testing environment is incredibly difficult, which is especially frustrating when you have a class that has many small quizzes and few tests.

I’m so glad you added in the sensory and social aspects of school because no one pays attention to that sort of thing. like I’d love a Quiet Room- at least a couple per campus- to mellow and study and whatever. that would be so helpful. BUT I’ve added a couple points of my own, especially that first one. it’s so so so hard to figure out how to get paperwork going and stuff like that.

Desks are too close together in lecture halls and discussion rooms

The space between the desk and the chair is too small

Lights are too bright.

Tests are terrible especially when they’re intentional difficult

Courses that are offered online via video streaming do not have captions or a transcript. This is prevents Deaf/Hard of hearing students, students with difficulty in audio processing and other students who rely on captions and transcripts from being able to take the class

learning disabilities are often not adequately tested for, and even if they are, proper accommodations are often either not given or require a huge fight to get. and in the US, if you don’t get tested as a child, it can cost upwards of $500 to get tested as an adult in college, but without the test results, you can’t get any accommodation.

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i feel like every single boy is a fuckboy. i feel like theres a fuckboy scale that goes from 1 to 10 that every single boy falls on. it’s not a question of whether a boy is a fuckboy or not but rather how bad of a fuckboy he is

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Somebody That I Used To Know | Cover by Fun. ft. Hayley Williams

this is seriously fucking amazing 

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